Time’s, they are a changing!!

We have moved and are no longer situated at Commercial Road. We are now a mobile catering operation. Not to be confused with a pop up at the side of the road, we have invested in a kitchen premises on wheels! This new operation allows us to focus on the things that have kept us here for the last 14yrs. We’ve loved our busy cafe but can’t do everything, as much as we’ve tried. The trolley service will continue at MCA. The lunch buffets, business to business, will continue. This is the next chapter for Finiki! Thank you for everything x

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to you all! It's a new day, It's a new dawn, It's a new life..(excuse my Nina Simone possession...unwanted christmas present!) 

FiNiki are taking leave of the UK today and will find ourselves in Thailand on the flipside. We leave you with our team Lisa, Bernice, Hannah, Gemma, Greg and Dan, who have been to the Finiki Academy of Training (there lies an opening for a gag or two!) They are a team that care and we trust them to take care of you. 

2013 was a good year for Finiki which is solely down to our local band of growing regulars who continue to support us each day for which we remain very grateful. 2014 gives us another chance to grow, make the team stronger, and finally open our other shop 8-/ (naughty finiki). 

Remember, we are here to serve YOU and SERVICE is what is at the core of us. All the very best to you all and we'll see you on our return...Fi n Nik 8-))) 

Should we posts some pics of our trip while we're away?

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For Caroline!

Hi Caroline.

Check out this link...should get you there.


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Here's what's been going on in Finiki Facebook Land...




Photo: Emma Afassi Alami popped in to see us today. She was one of our early employees when we opened as Pizza Bites. What a delight. So happy to see her 8-)))))

A recent visit from the adorable Emma who worked with us...too long ago. Some of you may remember our Em 8-)

The new shop??? The Avenue (it's tiny, don't get excited...). From this...

Photo: Then there's the shop frontage...this is a snap to give you an idea of what the whole frontage was like...

To this...

Photo: ...and this is the new shop front 8-)

From this...

Photo: Omg@The Sandwich Box! Believe me...this is progress.

To this...

Photo: Big things achieved in a little space. New ceiling, new lights, new fan, new plaster, new sockets, new new new.....To do list is to shop fit, shop paint, floor covering, signage, blah blah...still a fair bit then!

Watch this space...


  Will you all look at these ratings...please 8-/ ! What you see isn't always what you get.

Gluten Free birthday cake for Pippa...and you if you want one??? Like the decor..haahhaahahaaaa!

Photo: Happy birthday to our lovely Pippa, have a fab one!!! Xxx

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Saturday is a shutter down day this bank holiday

FYI...the shutter will be at half mast tomorrow. We're doing some cleaning and blah blah boring boring. But if you want to poke your head in (not literally) you are more than very very welcome. Pippa and Nina will be your marigold waving hosts! 

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