Pricing.....on the up! and some other stuff 8-)

A couple of things you may or may not be interested in...

1. The bad news is that we have to adjust some of our prices 8-(. Not on everything but on the milk products and raw goods (vegetables and products that we use to make stuff).  The soups will see a rise and also the coffee (latte/cappucino).  The soups are the first and will be effective as of 19th Feb.

2. For those of you that venture into the shop you can't not have noticed that our door is a NIGHTMARE! Loud and bangy, if it shuts at all we're lucky.  But that is being fixed tomorrow (19th). Yayyy 8-)

3. We will soon be having a scaffold monstrosity erected the length of the shop front.  This is a long time coming but it will be to fix an annoying leak that has been penetrating above the window leaving unsightly lime tracks as well as streaming down a wall in the shop. Once this is done and dry we can crack on with a bit of a paint job and freshen up! And after the weekly window clean they'll remain clean for the whole week.

4. THIS IS GOSSIP!!!! So, the shop on the corner (where the ladies gym was) has been let! Brill...we don't want empty shops around here they make a place look like its dying (so Mary Portas says and I tend to agree with much of what she does say). So what's it to be, what's it to be??? Well, I thought it was going to be a wheel shop like it used to be but that was derived from the name on the planning application. But, apparently, it is going to be an electric bike shop! Very postmodern for Commercial Road! Anyway, lets hope the lease goes through and it's open soon.



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