The New Year!

We're back from hols rested and raring to go...

Last year was a good year for us regarding the support we have received from our area.

As with all businesses akin to ours the same effort goes into feeding one person as it does 100's.

More and more people have recognised that our difference is we do actually make our hot food here, prepare our paninis and purposely cater for our veggies every day.  We don't buy in sandwich fillings, or ready made paninis, or soups.

We don't scrimp on cost when it comes to ingredients or the volumn we use to create the product.

We don't charge as much as other businesses in the area (who may or may not offer a better or lesser product) but we want to be an everyday cafe.  A cafe that you can afford to come to everyday and get good wholesome food for a good price. 

I'll continue with later...I want a coffee now 8-)


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