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Gannaways, Bitterne Precinct, Bitterne, 80441549

Gannaways FRUIT & VEG delivery boxes. Amazeballs value. This one is a £10 for 2 people box.

Gannaways are an independent FAMILY run business that have been trading for quite possibly longer than i've been alive!!!

This is a box that Nik and I had last week.  A couple of things have to be said about this.  The choice is great as is the quantity of stuff you get.

But one thing struck me....the carrots taste of CARROTS! I know, odd.  Like most people we'll get a lot of our "personal" stuff from the convenience that is the superstore.  But the carrots stood out which is enough for us to say "YES" to a Gannaways fruit and veg box for 2 every week now 8-)

Posted in News by Fiona on 19/11/2012


FYI...the radiator is now on....LOW 8-)

Posted in News by Fiona on 06/11/2012

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