Freshly made Soups

“seasonal goodness”

We ONLY use HEINZ beans and we wouldn't dream of using an egg that isn't FREE RANGE - it should be law! How do you like your eggs - fried, scrambled, poached? White or Granary bread? Our toast has been described as the BEST EVER - fresh bread, real butter.

You can even take a breakfast away with you.

Breakfast Baps

“it will never go out of fashion!”

The bacon roll is something that will never go out of fashion. Ketchup or HP/ White or Granary? Fresh bakery bread delivered EVERY morning. We'll batch deliver to your office. Or you can come and collect.

We are THE PLACE to come for your bacon butties.

Freshly made Porridge

“fuel your day”

Fuel your day with freshly made porridge. Choose your milk (semi/skimmed/soya) and choose your toppings - fruit, honey, sugar. How do you like yours, runny or thick?

We even make our own delicious MUESLI, topped with fresh fruit, as you like it.

Have in or take away.

Jacket Potatoes

“baked in the oven every day”

Baked in the oven every day with a smidgeon of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.

Hot and cold fillings a plenty.

Have in or take back to the office.

Toasted Panini

“this is where we're at!”

Now this is where we're at!
100% mozzarella, 100% fresh, 100% made by us - if you're interested in our panini as a wholesale item then get in touch.

How flexible are we? Toasties are not even on the menu but we'll put one together for you. Sometimes that's all you fancy, yes?


“authentic sauces - yum”

So, why are we so different? We were very fortunate prior to the start of our business to be invited to Sardinia to learn from the experts how to make delicious, simple and AUTHENTIC sauces. Yeah, we can all cook up some pasta - don't spoil it with some highly preserved acid sauce.

Take ours away hot or cold - back to work or have it when you get home.

Freshly made soups, legendary breakfasts, oven baked jacket potatoes, sandwiches, baguettes, toasties, delicious panini, pasta with authentic sauces - enjoy in or take away

It's the end of an era.

Today is our last day in Commercial Road. We're relocating to The Avenue. 10years...pheww!  We've loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Really 8-)))))

We'd like to that everyone for their support over the years.  There have been many standout personalities and break makers that have helped us remain here for this long.  Don't let anyone say it's easy.  You've got to love it.

We're handing over to our Dan and his bezzy Jay.  No.52 Commercial Road will be known as DJ's Cafe & Lounge from Tuesday  27th May.  We wish them the best of luck and hope you support them as you have done us.  They are young and capable and are embracing this opportunity.

Thank you and see you at The Avenue if you're passing....